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The mindset training platform that recognizes a trusted human coach/trainer relationship is the key ingredient to improving performance and mental toughness.

There are no predetermined responses from the mobile application. All the user interaction is 100% authentic human feedback and communication between you and your team or clients.

What is the born tough
mindset training model?

The Born Tough™ model teaches that everyone was born with a peak performance mindset, and already has all the ability to exhibit mental toughness. This empowers every athlete and person through the understanding that if you have done something once, then you can do it again. If you were born mentally tough, then you can rediscover your peak performance mindset today. The skills and tools delivered through the Born Tough Trainer™ are part of a systematic program of fundamental mindset training techniques that retrain the brain to the original state of mental toughness.

Leverage technology to put your new mindset training system in the palm of a person’s hand 24/7.

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