What sets born tough trainer™ apart from other mindset training programs?

  • A mindset

    A mindset training platform that recognizes a trusted human coach/trainer relationship is the key ingredient to improving performance and mental toughness.

  • There are no predetermined responses from the mobile application. All the user interaction is 100% authentic human feedback and communication between you and your team or clients.

  • Leverages technology to put a human mental toughness system in the palm of a person’s hand 24/7.

  • Mobile app allows clients to focus on mental toughness on their own schedule.

  • You are still the trainer, and you can do it your way. Our platform offers a framework and system, but you are the only person communicating with your team and/or clients.


Performance technology platform created by Sport Psychology professionals.

Why should you become a born tough trainer™?

  • Add a proven mindset training system as an extension of your program.

  • Include professional mindset training to differentiate from competition.

  • Everybody wins. You can improve individual performance, and increase your revenue potential.

  • There is no interference with your client or team relationships, training philosophles, or other disciplines.

  • You can do it your way. Our system was built to support your personal mindset training principles.

  • Optional mindset training education is available, if desired.